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Marlon Brando and his ambiguous wig

The Night of the Following Day: The intent, not the execution/ Retro Review by Ian M. Clarke

Most critics agree that Marlon Brando was/is the best English-language film actor ever. (A close second is Mark Wahlberg, but let’s discuss later). Therefore, squinting within the myopia of prejudice, it’s virtually impossible to clearly appraise a Brando performance. The solution? Try and approach Mr. B sideways, willingly suspending the knowledge of his reputation. Tough, I know, I know… But if… Read more →

From the original movie "Planet of the Apes" wher four astronauts land on a strange planet where apes are in control presented by 20th Century Fox in 1968. A family portrait of Ape leader Caesar (Roddy McDowall) his wife Lisa (Natalie Trundy) and son Cornelius (BobbyPorter).        LA TIMES LIBRARY FILE PHOTO

Planet of the Apes: More Clever than Camp / Retro Review by Ian M. Clarke

Animal rights. Racial inequality. Militarism. Objectivity of history. Class structure. Individual rights. Military-industrial expansionism. Socio-political commentary. It’s science fiction in a world without technology, yet it takes place in the future. Monkeys talk, people grunt. What the hell is really going on in Planet of the Apes (1968)? This film is clever. An audience is barely given time to jeer… Read more →