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The Thomas Crown Affair: Beauty Needs No Excuse / Retro Review by Ian M. Clarke

  Director Norman Jewison had a problem. How do you make two aggressively self-obsessed, somewhat sociopathic people even remotely attractive? If you make one person Steve McQueen, and the other Faye Dunaway, you have the ‘remotely attractive’ question somewhat answered. The Thomas Crown Affair is a film about greed, about what happens when the platforms of decency and social responsibility… Read more →

Matthew Clark (R) and his brother Michael at their home in Lincoln, playing with a train set

The Curious Case of Clark Brothers | DOCUMENTARY REVIEW by Rooster

Written by Rooster Shortstuffyan This 2012 documentary film is a channel4 TV feature that was filmed, produced and directed by Stuart Greig. It is available online on websites such as youtube, where I originally stumbled upon this heart-wrenching documentary. The film tells a unique story of a family impacted by an age-defying condition called Leukodystrophy. This rare disease causes the… Read more →

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