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For Film’s Sake started as a personal vlog and YouTube channel by Jenny Claire, and it’s become a go-to site for details on upcoming movies and tv series recaps. The site is also a trusted source for information on older movies and shows, actors, filmmakers, and film companies.

Jenny and the other For Film’s Sake writers consider the movie theater their church, their temple. Their friends know if they aren’t answering their phones or returning texts, it’s because they’re watching a movie on the big screen.

Our movie preferences vary, but we mostly post information on shows related to these genres…

Rom-Coms | Comedy | Heartwarming Dramas | Animation | LGBT+ | Foreign Language

Jenny Claire spent much of her young adult life in Asia, and she has a penchant for Chinese-language movies and spirited Indian films. And sake, which is why you’ll often see her drinking it in YouTube videos.

We primarily watch new movies at Regal Cinemas theaters in the Southeast (primarily Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee). Luckily Regal plays a lot of movies from India in nearby theaters, but we’ll travel up to Atlanta and elsewhere to see special limited showings of other foreign and indie movies. We’re doing it for you, dear reader!

Speaking of movies in theaters: If you’re aching to watch movies in the theater post-Covid, the Regal Unlimited pass is the way to do it. For around $20 a month, you can see an almost unlimited number of movies playing at Regal theaters. Please use our referral link when you sign up!