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What the Film is this site about?

FFS’s tagline is FFS: WATCH IT YOURSELF because a real movie lover shouldn’t rely only on film critics for movie opinions. For a critic, no movie is ever great enough. While we give our thoughts on movies and shows here on FFS.com, we hope to inspire readers to go to the theater or turn on their favorite streaming network to watch a film for themselves. 

Our Beginnings

For Film’s Sake started as a personal vlog and YouTube channel by Jenny Claire, and it’s on its way to being a trusted go-to site for details on upcoming and streaming movies. The site is also building its info base on older movies, actors, filmmakers, and film companies.

Jenny and the other For Film’s Sake writers consider the movie theater their church, their temple. Their friends know if they aren’t answering their phones or returning texts, it’s because they’re watching a movie on the big screen.

Our Preferences

Our movie preferences vary, but we mostly post information on shows related to movies that make us think or feel. 

We love movies with meaningful messages, thought-provoking themes, captivating characters, and beautiful landscapes. And we love the thrill of a good jump-scare. So essentially, we like most genres.

One editorial decision we made at the start was to prioritize independent film over blockbusters and superhero movies. There are enough great critics and websites covering those movies, and we totally enjoy reading and hearing what they have to say. Instead, we’re more interested in the fly-by-night, low-budget movies that don’t get more than a few days (or even a day) in the theater and then get hidden away at the end of a backlist on streaming channels. The passion projects, the indie movies, the documentaries, the subbed foreign film — those are the films we like. 

Where we Watch

We primarily watch movies on streaming networks such as max, Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Mubi, Tubi, Kanopy, Magnolia Selects, AAA24, and the Criterion Channel. These channels carry a good number of indie, foreign, and LGBT films.

When we want to catch a new movie, we’ll swing by a nearby Regal Cinemas theater. Luckily Regal plays a lot of indie and foreign movies in nearby theaters, but sometimes we have to travel around the area to see special limited showings. This hopefully explains why we have a whole section on Regal theaters and programs. (FFS is not associated with Regal Cinemas…we’re just fangirls!)

In 2024, we’re hoping to start attending more events and festivals like Sundance, Toronto Foreign Film Festival, Orlando International Film Festival, and many others.


Jenny Claire spent much of her young adult life in Asia, and she has a penchant for Chinese-language movies and spirited Indian films. She uses most of her Regal points to buy tubs of popcorn for her nephews when they go to the movies with her, and she keeps the freebie movie posters in an art binder with archival plastic sleeves. Favorite movies include Annie (1982), Beaches (1988), Defending Your Life (1991), You’ve Got Mail (1998), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), and Her (2013).

Shen Jun Wei laughs way too loudly in the theater and sits right up front so she can say that the movie really was bigger than life. She’s first in line for sci-fi and rom-coms. Her record for the most theater movies watched in a single day is 5, but she admits she might have taken a nap or two, too. Movies are her passion, but she’s been known to have Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, and Burn Notice on repeat all day long!