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All About the Milestones Program

We can’t deny that we’re addicted to the milestones program. See, Regal gamified going to the movies. Each time you go to a movie using your Regal Unlimited pass, you earn a point in the Milestones program. 

When you reach a milestone, you get stuff like points and freebies. It’s totally fun.

Official details are on the Regal website, and you should check that page to confirm anything about the program. For Film’s Sake is NOT affiliated with Regal Cinemas, we’re just total fan girls because we love movies.

How it works

Basically, you watch a movie, you get a point. But you only get one point for a specific movie in a specific format. If you watch Barbie 18 times (yes, someone watched it that many times in July 2023) in 2D format, all those viewings count as just one point. But, if you were to watch Barbie in 2D, 3D, RPX, RPX 3D, IMAX, and ScreenX however many times in each format, that would count as 6 points. (No Barbie wasn’t available in IMAX; this is just an illustrative example.) From our counts, Mystery Movie Monday movies do not count toward the milestone program. 

Points are accumulated by the year. So, movies you watched in 2022 don’t count toward this year’s program. We have one year to watch 200 movies and be awarded the ultimate 50k extra points and a surprise reward.

If you were to watch 200 movies in 2023, you will have earned 96,000 points in total. That’s a whole lotta free popcorn and soda!

Concessions aren’t the only thing you can redeem points for. Points can also be used for things on Regal’s website, like branded merch, posters, buckets, and other things. We’re waiting for the day Regal lets us redeem points for other concessions like nachos and dots ice cream.


Each milestone gives different “gifts.” You’ll reach your first milestone quickly after watching just 10 movies. The next milestone occurs at 25 movies, and then after that milestones are reached after every 25 movies. 

Avid moviegoers who watch 20-30 movies can earn extra points, drinks, and popcorns quickly. We generally move up a milestone a month, since we’re watching around 30 movies every month.  

10 Movies: 1,000 Extra Credits

25 Movies: 2,000 Extra Credits

50 Movies: 3,000 Extra Credits + FREE Small Popcorn

75 Movies: 4,000 Extra Credits + FREE Small Soft Drink

100 Movies: 25,000 Extra Credits

125 Movies: 5,000 Extra Credits + FREE Large Popcorn

150 Movies: 6,000 Extra Credits + FREE Large Drink

175 Movies: 1 FREE Ticket + 2 Small Popcorns + 2 Small Soft Drinks

200 Movies: 50,000 Extra Credits

Changes & Notes

Update for 2024: Comparing the 2023 and 2024 charts, the only difference is that Regal no longer offers a “surprise rewards center offer”  at the 100 and 200 movie milestones. Redditors often complained anyhow that the reward wasn’t all that great unless you used the discount to buy drink and popcorn vouchers, so no real loss there.