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Dandelion (2024)

The Story

A struggling singer-songwriter falls into an intoxicating romance that leads her to a deeper appreciation of her artistic journey and the discovery of a voice that is authentically her own.

The Deets

Genre: Drama, Romance, Music
Original Language: English
Release Date (theaters): June 12, 2024

Main Cast

KiKi Layne as Dandelion
Thomas Doherty as Casey
Melanie Nicholls-King as Jean
Brady Stablein
Jack Stablein
Grace Kaiser as Grace


Distributor: IFC Films
Production Co: IFC Films, Automatik Entertainment, Griffin Drive Productions, BondIt Media Capital, Room 252 
Director(s): Nicole Riegel
Producer(s): Rian Cahill, Adam Cobb, Pete McClellan, Nicole Riegel, Peter McClellan 

Beauty Team

Costume: Michael Wilkie 
Hair: Kira Stuger 
Makeup: Carla Wallace 

The Trailer

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