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Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

The Story

In the chaotic multiverse where countless lives are lived and possibilities shimmer like soap bubbles, Evelyn Wang struggles to keep her laundromat afloat, her marriage from unraveling, and her daughter from spiraling off course. But this ordinary existence takes a jaw-dropping turn when she discovers she’s the only one who can save reality from an all-encompassing threat. Suddenly, Evelyn must tap into the skills of countless versions of herself – a kung fu master, a world-famous chef, an opera singer – to become the champion this collapsing universe desperately needs. Prepare for a mind-bending, heart-wrenching, and absurdly hilarious adventure that challenges the very boundaries of reality, asking: in a universe of infinite possibilities, what makes your life truly meaningful? Buckle up, because “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is about to explode everything you thought you knew about movies.


The Deets

Rating: R
Concerns: Sexual Material, Language, Some Violence
Runtime: 2h 12m
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Sci-fi, Fantasy
Original Language: English
Release Date (theaters): Apr 8, 2022  Wide
Release Date (streaming): Jun 7, 2022

Main Cast

Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Quan Wang
Stephanie Hsu as Joy Wang, Evelyn’s daughter
Ke Huy Quan as Waymond Wang, Evelyn’s meek and goofy husband
Jenny Slate as Debbie the Dog Mom, a laundromat customer
James Hong as Gong Gong, Evelyn’s demanding father
Jamie Lee Curtis as Deirdre Beaubeirdre

Production & Crew

Distributor: A24
Production Co: IAC Films, Gozie AGBO, Year of the Rat, Ley Line Entertainment
Director(s): Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
Producer(s): Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Mike Larocca, Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert, Jonathan Wang, Peter Tam Lee
Writer(s): Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
Cinematography: Larkin Seiple
Music: Son Lux
Editor: Paul Rogers
Hair/Makeup Lead(s): Anissa Salazar (hair), Michelle Chung (makeup)
Costumes: Shirley Kurata

The Trailer

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