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Praise Petey (2023)

The Story

Petey’s been an assistant at a big city fashion magazine for eight days, but she’s a total girl boss. Is Petey just another dimwitted 20-something member of the Euphoria generation (cough: a Gen Z’er) who is going to unwittingly change the world? We’ll have to watch and find out.


The Deets

Genre: adult animation, comedy
Country of Origin: US/America
Original Language: English
Original network/distributor: Freeform (primary), Hulu (streaming)
First Episode Air Date (US): July 21, 2023
Number Seasons: 1
Episode Runtime: 22 minutes

Main Cast

Annie Murphy as Petey
John Cho as Bandit
Christine Baranski as White
Amy Hill as Mae Mae
Kiersey Clemons as Eliza
Stephen Root as Dad 

Production & Crew

Production Co.: Gorgeous Horse Productions, The Monica Padrick Company, Bandera Entertainment, ShadowMachine, 20th Television Animation
Producer(s): Anna Drezen, Monica Padrick, Mike Judge, Greg Daniels, Dustin Davis, Alex Bulkley, Corey Campodonico
Creator(s): Anna Drezen
Composer: Kathryn Bostic
Animation services: Jam Filled Entertainment

Episode List

Season 1

Who’s Who of Praise Petey

Annie Murphy voices the role of Petey, the young lady who leaves her crumbling-down city life to take over her dad’s cult town New Utopia. Annie brings that upbeat 20-something every-girl energy to Petey that we seriously love to hate. Annie was born in Ottawa, Canada, in 1986, making her a millennial. With her long golden locks and easy laugh she easily plays the gorgeous ditz – like Alexis in Schitt’s Creek – but in real life, she’s kinda down to earth and normal. If you’re new to Annie, binge Shitt’s Creek and then go directly to Black Mirror Season 6, Joan is Awful. IG: annefrances

John Cho voices the role of Bandit, Petey’s makeout partner and supercrush who lives in New Utopia but isn’t drinking the kool-aid (yet?). John is probably best known for being Harold in the boy-favorite Harold & Kumar series of movies, or maybe he’s burned in your brain as MILF Guy #2 from American Pie. John started his acting career when his day job was an English teacher, so it makes sense that he’s now finding joy writing chapter books for young readers (Troublemaker, published March 2022). IG: johnthecho

Christine Baranski as White

Amy Hill as Mae Mae

Kiersey Clemons as Eliza

Stephen Root as Dad