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Praise Petey Season 1, Episode 1 (2023)

The Story

Petey’s been an assistant at a big city fashion magazine for eight days, but she’s a total girl boss. Is Petey just another dimwitted 20-something member of the Euphoria generation (cough: a Gen Z’er) who is going to unwittingly change the world? We’ll have to watch and find out.


The Deets

Season 1, Episode 2
Unemployment Crisis
Directed by: Megan Prazenica
Written by: Andrew Farmer
Original Air Date: July 21, 2023

Main Cast

Annie Murphy as Petey
John Cho as Bandit
Christine Baranski as White
Amy Hill as Mae Mae
Kiersey Clemons as Eliza
Stephen Root as Dad 

Recapping Season 1, Episode 1

In this pilot episode, we meet Petey in her original habitat: New York City. And we learn that Petey comes from money. She isn’t dense, she’s just spoiled. But we can’t hate her because her socialite mom is demanding and uncaring, and her narcistic dad is irresponsible and absent. He’s also dead. Through a videotape, Petey learns that Dad left the family to start a town of New Utopia in North Carolina, and he’s gifting the town to her.

Will she leave New York City for the unknown? Um…no! There’s no way she’s going to leave when she has the trifecta: perfect job, perfect fiancé, perfect city apartment. And in seconds it all comes crashing down. Her bestie is planking her boyfriend, she’s fired from her job for not acting smart, and her apartment goes up in flames. The wedding is off, and she leaves the city to take up her dad’s offer.

Right off the bus she meets angsty but hunky Bandit, and there’s antichemistry. He hates her, she hates him, but you know they’ll be making out in the next ten minutes. (Spoiler: Yup.)

She soon learns why Bandit wants her gone: Dad ran a cult, and Petey fulfills a satanic philosophy. Then Alan Tudyk gets sacrificed. It’s settled: Petey is stuck in the south. She’s welcomed to the cult in true Midsommer fashion with a wreath of flowers around her head. I’m sure her new guide Mae Mae will lead her in the best direction (/s).

Praise Petey seems like an animated remake of Hart of Dixie, where a young city surgeon is overlooked professionally and takes up her bio dad’s offer to work at his primary care clinic in a southern town full of quirky characters. Instead of a cult, Dixie had southern belles – patatoe / patahtoh. We’re going to have to see how this show deviates and develops it’s own storyline.

Praise Petey seems to be a rehashing of Hart of Dixie mixed with some Schitt’s Creek, a little Midsommer, some Euphoria. The kids are going to love it. (And I think I might, too!)

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