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Praise Petey Season 1, Episode 2 (2023)

The Story

Petey’s been an assistant at a big city fashion magazine for eight days, but she’s a total girl boss. Is Petey just another dimwitted 20-something member of the Euphoria generation (cough: a Gen Z’er) who is going to unwittingly change the world? We’ll have to watch and find out.


The Deets

Season 1, Episode 2
Unemployment Crisis
Directed by: Megan Prazenica
Written by: Andrew Farmer
Original Air Date: July 21, 2023

Main Cast

Annie Murphy as Petey
John Cho as Bandit
Christine Baranski as White
Amy Hill as Mae Mae
Kiersey Clemons as Eliza
Stephen Root as Dad 

Recapping Season 1, Episode 2

On her second day in New Utopia, Petey wakes up terrified with all that happened yesterday. Not to worry, though: She’s soothed by a pleasant but creepy man crouched down on her bed like a dog who gives her a grammar lesson. Apparently dear ‘ole Dad liked his morning updates delivered by his Human Shiatzu.

In an attempt to bring equality to her servants, Petey fires everyone and frees them of their cult responsibilities. The townspeople are left leaderless and can’t function. They rework the town to be what they think she needs – changing stores to nail art shops, stores that sell jeans that don’t “make her butt look weird,” and a bistro that sells gem lettuce. I’m still not sure what gem lettuce is.

She is still so unaware of her actions. In making her father’s former orgy sexpots her besties, she’s just changed their roles. The women are still fawning over her and fulfilling her every wish.

When confronted with the fact that the town was crumbling, she gives a speech she billed as to give clarity that is basically “I don’t know what I’m doing,” “I’m still learning,” and I don’t have all the answers.”

Her Human Shiatzu tells her the facts: he and the others take pride in their servant jobs. The women tell her that Petey doesn’t respect their gratitude and love. She learns that to gain respect in the town, she has to respect her followers. Which includes gulping down a nasty cup of oaty milk on top of some coffee.

Before the credits roll, we learn a little more about how Dad found his followers: Speech Blasters. People signed up for speech classes, and then had their shoes taken and were fed lentils, and then indoctrinated into a cult that has a fascination with a comet.


Glossary for Geriatric Millenials

  • Amaz = Amazing
  • Gem lettuce = Not sure. A kind of lettuce?

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