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The Righteous Gemstones (2023)

The Story

Televangelist Eli Gemstone leads a wildly successful church and a dysfunctional family in HBO’s comedy, The Righteous Gemstones. His two sons and daughter are spoiled and out of control. The three are constantly bickering, and it’s unclear how they’ll stand together once they’re in charge of the family Bible.


The Deets

Genre: Comedy
Country of Origin: US/America
Original Language: English
Original network/distributor: HBO (streaming)
First Episode Air Date (US): August 18, 2019
Number Seasons: 3
Episode Runtime: 22 minutes

Main Cast

John Goodman as Dr. Elijah “Eli” Gemstone
Danny McBride as Jesse Gemstone
Adam DeVine as Kelvin Gemstone
Edi Patterson as Judy Gemstone
Tony Cavalero as Keefe Chambers
Cassidy Freeman as Amber Gemstone
Tim Baltz as Benjamin Jason “BJ” Barnes

Production & Crew

Production Co.: Rough House Pictures, HBO Entertainment
Producer(s): Danny McBride, Jody Hill, David Gordon Green, John Carcieri, Jeff Fradley, Brandon James 
Creator(s): Danny McBride
Music: Joseph Stephens, Devoe Yates

Episode List

Season 1

  • Episode 1: The Righteous Gemstones (08/18/2019)
  • Episode 2: Is This the Man Who Made the Earth Tremble (08/25/2019)
  • Episode 3: They Are Weak, But He Is Strong (09/01/2019)
  • Episode 4: Wicked Lips (09/08/2019)
  • Episode 5: Interlude (09/15/2019)
  • Episode 6: Now the Sons of Eli Were Worthless Men (09/22/2019)
  • Episode 7: And Yet One of You Is a Devil (09/29/2019)
  • Episode 8: But the Righteous Will See Their Fall (10/6/2019)
  • Episode 9: Better Is the End of a Thing Than Its Beginning (10/13/2019)
  • Episode 10: The Righteous Gemstones 10 HD (01/10/2022)

Season 2

  • Episode 1: I Speak in the Tongues of Men and Angels (1/9/2022)
  • Episode 2: After I Leave, Savage Wolves Will Come (1/9/2022)
  • Episode 3: For He Is a Liar and the Father of Lies (1/16/2022)
  • Episode 4: As to How They Might Destroy Him (1/23/2022)
  • Episode 5: Interlude II (1/30/2022)
  • Episode 6: Never Avenge Yourselves, But Leave It to the Wrath of God (2/6/2022)
  • Episode 7: And Infants Shall Rule Over Them (02/13/2022)
  • Episode 8: The Prayer of a Righteous Man (2/20/2022)
  • Episode 9: I Will Tell of All Your Deeds (2/27/2022)

Season 3

  • Episode 1: For I Know the Plans I Have for You (6/18/2023)
  • Episode 2: But Esau Ran to Meet Him (6/18/2023)
  • Episode 3: For Their Nakedness Is Your Own Nakedness (6/25/2023)
  • Episode 4: I Have Not Come to Bring Peace, But a Sword (7/2/2023)
  • Episode 5: Interlude III (7/9/2023)
  • Episode 6: For Out of the Heart Comes Evil Thoughts (7/16/2023)
  • Episode 7: Burn for Burn, Wound for Wound, Stripe for Stripe (7/23/2023)
  • Episode 8: I Will Take You by the Hand and Keep You (7/30/2023)
  • Episode 9: Wonders That Cannot Be Fathomed, Miracles That Cannot Be Counted (07/30/2023)

Who’s Who of The Righteous Gemstones

John Goodman

Danny McBride

Adam DeVine

Edi Patterson

Tony Cavalero

Cassidy Freeman

Tim Baltz