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Uncut Gems (2019)

The Story

From acclaimed filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie comes an electrifying crime thriller about Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), a charismatic New York City jeweler always on the lookout for the next big score. When he makes a series of high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime, Howard must perform a precarious high-wire act, balancing business, family, and encroaching adversaries on all sides, in his relentless pursuit of the ultimate win.

The Deets

Rating: R
Runtime: 2h 15m
Genre: Drama
Original Language: English
Release Date (theaters): December 13, 2019

Main Cast

Adam Sandler as Howard Ratner
LaKeith Stanfield as Demany
Julia Fox as Julia De Fiore
Kevin Garnett as himself
Idina Menzel as Dinah Ratner

Production & Crew

Distributor: A24
Production Co: Elara Pictures, Sikelia Productions, Scott Rudin Productions
Director(s): Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie
Producer(s): Sebastian Bear-McClard, Oscar Boyson
Writer(s): Benny Safdie, Ronald Bronstein, Josh Safdie
Cinematography: Darius Khondji
Music: Daniel Lopatin
Editor: Ronald Bronstein, Benny Safdie
Miyako Bellizzi, Nawaal Hendricks
Hair/Makeup Heads: Mia Neal (hair), Kyra Panchenko & Stephanie Pasicov (makeup)

The Trailer

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