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Background Movie: Sliding Doors (1998)

I keep making changes to the design of pages and posts on FFS, and that means I have to go back to old posts and either fix them or completely remake them. It’s boring and repetitive, and the work doesn’t require much brainpower. To make it more enjoyable, I play a movie in the background and listen as I work.

You know how your body craves a certain nutrient, and you start to need to eat a food that contains it? Like, one day you wake up with asparagus on the mind and all you see and smell is asparagus until you’ve eaten a few bites. 

Movies are like food for my brain, and sometimes I just have to watch a certain movie. This afternoon, I had a physical need to see Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors.

I opened a new browser and navigated to Hulu and hoped that it was still streaming. (It is.)

What is it about Sliding Doors that I had to watch? Did I need to see a woman caught between two lives? Someone who unable to see the truth? Do I think my boyfriend is cheating on me? (lol, no.)

I’ve watched Sliding Doors a thousand times, and I still cry when the men ask the doctor, “She is going to wake up, isn’t she?” Pick James, my heart begs.

Now that the credit crawl has started, that craving is sated and I’m free to go about my day. 

Hope you have a product day with at least one great movie to watch, too!

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