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Boy Kills World (2024)

The Story

“Boy” seeks revenge on the matriarch of a corrupt post-apocalyptic dynasty that murdered his family and left him deaf and voiceless. He trains with a shaman and becomes an instrument of death and leaves a trail of blood and splatter in his wake. 

The Deets

Rating: R
Concerns: Sexual References, Language, Gore, Some Drug Use, Strong Bloody Violence
Runtime: 1h 51m
Genre: Action, Comedy, Mystery & Thriller 
Original Language: English
Release Date (theaters): April 26 2024

Main Cast

Bill Skarsgård as Boy
H. Jon Benjamin as Boy’s “inner voice”
Jessica Rothe as June 27
Michelle Dockery as Melanie van der Koy
Brett Gelman as Gideon van der Koy
Isaiah Mustafa as Benny
Andrew Koji as Basho
Famke Janssen as Hilda van der Koy
Sharlto Copley as Glen van der Koy
Yayan Ruhian as a shaman
Quinn Copeland as Mina

Production & Crew

Distributor: Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions 
Production Co: Nthibah Pictures, Hammerstone Studios, Raimi Productions, Vertigo Entertainment
Director(s): Moritz Mohr
Producer(s): Sam Raimi, Zainab Azizi, Roy Lee, Wayne Fitzjohn, Simon Swart, Stuart Manashil, Dan Kagan, Alex Lebovici
Writer(s): Tyler Burton Smith, Arend Remmers, Moritz Mohr
Cinematography: Peter Matjasko 
Music: Ludvig Forssell 
Editor: Lucian Barnard 
Hair/Makeup Lead(s): Cailin Nicolson 
Costumes: Danielle Knox

The Trailer

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