The Baker (2023)

The Story

Fearing his estranged son murdered, an elderly baker with a dangerous past and his eight-year-old granddaughter must journey to the crime ridden Big City to uncover clues to his disappearance… All with a giant loaf of bread filled with 100K of high-grade heroin.

The Deets

Rating: R (Language, Violence, Some Drug Use) 
Runtime: 1h 44m 
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama 
Original Language: English
Release Date (US Theaters): July 28, 2023

Main Cast

Ron Pearlman as The Baker
Harvey Keitel
Elias Roteas
Joel David Moore as Peter
Emma Ho as Delphi

Production & Crew

Distributor: Falling Forward Films 
Production Co: Darius Films, Productivity Media 
Director(s): Jonathan Sobol
Producer(s): Doug Murray, William G. Santor, Nicholas Tabarrok
Writer(s): Paolo Mancini, Thomas Michael 
Cinematography: Adam Swica
Music: Igor Correia, Mark Domitric, Jeff Milutinovic, Tom Westin
Editor: Maureen Grant Christopher John Malanchen
Hair/Makeup Lead: Trina Brink (hair), Steph Pringle (makeup)
Costumes: Muska Zurmati

The Trailer