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Dear Regal: Why so Tiny? (An Open Letter)

Dear Regal: 

Is there a reason your marketing images have details displayed so tiny? I mean, who can read anything over than the date and that giant question mark? 

I think the marketing team must be made up of 22 year olds, straight out of college with excellent eye sight. I’m old now, and I can’t read the tiny details. Yeah, I can make out that the ticket price is $5 for the mystery movie, and that maybe the small popcorn and coke is $8. But why does it have to be so small?

We go to the theater to watch movies on the big screen, where images are larger than life and details are pow-bam-bang in our face. Let’s keep that energy in the marketing, Regal. Please.


An Unlimited Subscriber (for now, anyway)

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