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Gotta Watch The Tin Drum Before the Gainesville Cinephiles Meetup!

Lots of people go to the Regal theaters in my area. The parking lots get relatively full in the evenings, especially over the weekend. There were a few times this past summer at the Regal Celebration Pointe when I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find parking in time.

But finding people who enjoy watching the lesser-known films can be tough. And then when you do find one, planning to see a movie together is even tougher. Perhaps it’s also that movie fans often are introverts who enjoy the solitude of watching a movie. Do you really want to go to a movie with a stranger?

So I was excited to learn about the Gainesville Cinephiles. The group meets up to talk about a movie selected for the month. 

This month’s film is The Tin Drum, or Die Blechtrommel. This dark comedy from 1979 is an adaptation of a novel written by Gunter Grass, about a young boy who refuses to grow up and remains in the body of a child even to adulthood. He witnessed the cruelties of the Nazi Party and war, and wields his drum that he bangs on when he’s upset. 

Hulu just asked me if I’m still here — Bob’s Burgers has been playing in the background all morning long — so maybe I should click “no” and go watch this film. 

The meetup is planned for Wednesday, May 8, at the Cheesecake Factory (near Regal Butler Plaza). 

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