International Film Festivals That You Need To Know

Most of us watch movies in theaters — and even more so in our living rooms and bedrooms on streaming channels like Hulu, max, Mubi, and Amazon. But before a movie makes it to mainstream channels, it’s usually premiered and shown at film festivals that take place all over the world, all year long.

These multi-day events transcend mere screenings, transforming into vibrant cultural hubs where filmmakers, industry professionals, and cinephiles converge. Organizers host workshops and educational events, talks and signing sessions, and celebrations and ceremonies. From the sun-drenched shores of Cannes to the bustling streets of Toronto, North America and Western Europe boast a constellation of prestigious and respected festivals that have earned their place in the cinematic landscape.

The large international festivals award films with medals and statues, and based on their jury panels, determine which movies are “critically acclaimed” and get distribution rights bought and sold. These events act as launchpads for groundbreaking films, fostering international exchange and celebrating artistic achievement at the highest level.

Browse websites like Deadline, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter and you’ll see updates on new films, which likely reference a showing or deal that took place at a film festival like Cannes and Sundance.

Let’s take a look at some of the most respected film festivals that every filmmaker — aspiring and experienced — wants their movies featured at.

Sundance FIlm Festival

Location: Park City, Utah (USA)
General Dates: January
Start Date: August 1978
2024 Dates: Thursday January 18 – Sunday January 28
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Every January, the Sundance Film Festival ignites a celebration of independent cinema. Founded in 1981 by Robert Redford, the festival rose from a desire to nurture and amplify the voices of independent filmmakers often overshadowed by mainstream Hollywood. It quickly blossomed into the largest independent film festival in the United States, and Sundance has become synonymous with launching iconic films and careers. Sundance offers a unique platform for showcasing diverse and thought-provoking stories that push boundaries and challenge conventions.

From heart-wrenching documentaries to captivating narrative features, the festival champions innovative storytelling across genres and cultures. Beyond screenings, Sundance fosters a vibrant community through engaging discussions, panels, and workshops, creating a space for filmmakers, industry professionals, and cinephiles to connect, collaborate, and ignite new creative journeys.

Cannes Film Festival

Location: Cannes, France
General Dates: May
Start Date: September 1, 1939
2024 Dates: Tuesday May 14 – Saturday May 25
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Bathed in the glamour of the French Riviera, the Cannes Film Festival, also known as the Festival de Cannes, reigns supreme as the epitome of cinematic prestige. Founded in 1946, its origins lie not just in celebrating artistic achievement, but also in a fierce spirit of competition. Following the Second World War, France sought to establish a rival to the Venice Film Festival. Cannes, with its sun-drenched setting and commitment to artistic freedom, emerged as a beacon of hope and a platform for diverse international voices.

Beyond its competitive spirit, Cannes also carries a unique mission: to serve as a global marketplace for the film industry. This translates to a vibrant atmosphere where filmmakers, distributors, and industry professionals converge, fostering crucial connections, negotiating deals, and shaping the future of cinema. The festival’s red carpet, synonymous with glitz and glamour, becomes a stage not just for premieres but also for these behind-the-scenes negotiations that propel films towards wider audiences. 

Cannes transcends the realm of mere awards and accolades. It embodies a spirit of artistic expression, fierce competition, and vibrant industry exchange, solidifying its position as a cultural landmark and a crucial catalyst for the global cinematic landscape.

Berlin International Film Festival

Location: Berlin, Germany
General Dates: February
Start Date: June 6, 1951
2024 Dates: Thursday February 15 – Sunday February 25
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Often affectionately called the Berlinale, the Berlin International Film Festival stands as a cornerstone of European cinema. Founded in 1951, the festival carries a rich and complex history, reflecting the cultural and political landscape of a divided city during the Cold War. Originally established as a “showcase of the free world,” the Berlinale has continuously evolved, fostering artistic exploration and becoming a platform for diverse voices and groundbreaking storytelling.

Beyond its historical significance, the Berlinale boasts several unique characteristics that set it apart. Unlike some festivals heavily focused on premieres and established names, the Berlinale prioritizes showcasing independent and auteur-driven films, offering a platform for emerging talents and diverse narratives. The festival’s main competition section, known as the Berlinale Competition, eschews awarding a single “best film” prize and instead presents the prestigious Golden Bear and Silver Bear awards to multiple films, recognizing excellence across various categories and fostering a spirit of artistic plurality. The Berlinale is also known for its strong connection with the local community. Public screenings and events throughout the city create a vibrant atmosphere, allowing film enthusiasts and casual viewers alike to engage with the festival’s offerings.

Today, the Berlinale continues to attract a global audience of filmmakers, industry professionals, and cinephiles, solidifying its position as a vital platform for artistic expression, cultural exchange, and the discovery of future cinematic gems.

Venice Film Festival

Location: Venice, Italy
General Dates: Late August or early September
Start Date: August 6, 1932
2024 Dates: Wednesday August 28 – Saturday September 7
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The Venice International Film Festival, or Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica, stands as the oldest film festival in the world. Founded in 1932, it predates even the Oscars, becoming a cultural landmark that has witnessed and shaped the evolution of cinema for over nine decades. The very first film screened at the festival in 1932 was the American classic, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, setting the stage for a long and illustrious history of showcasing groundbreaking films and auteurs.

Venice has consistently championed artistic innovation and diverse storytelling, from neorealism masterpieces to samurai epics, pushing the boundaries of cinematic language and expression. It also acts as a bridge between cultures, showcasing a diverse selection of international films alongside established Hollywood productions, fostering dialogue and understanding between filmmakers and audiences from across the globe. Unlike other festivals, Venice retains an air of exclusivity and mystique, with film selections only revealed shortly before the event, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the prestigious Golden Lion awards ceremony.

Telluride Film Festival

Location: Telluride, Colorado
General Dates: Labor Day Weekend (first Monday in September) 
Start Date: August 30, 1974
2024 Dates: Thursday August 29 – Monday September 2
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Film enthusiasts flock to the breathtaking mountains of Telluride, Colorado, for the annual Telluride Film Festival, a renowned annual event celebrating the best in international cinema. Born from the passion of film enthusiasts Bill and Stella Pence, Tom Luddy, and James Card in 1974, the Telluride Film Festival has transformed from a small gathering at the Sheridan Opera House into a globally recognized celebration of cinema. Telluride keeps its film program a secret until the event, fostering a sense of discovery and anticipation. This intimate setting, combined with stunning scenery and diverse programming, has earned Telluride a reputation as a launchpad for groundbreaking films and a haven for passionate film lovers.

Toronto International Film Festival

Location: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
General Dates: Thursday after Labor Day Weekend 
Start Date: October 18 through 24, 1976
2024 Dates: Thursday September 5 – Sunday September 15
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The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has established itself as a major launchpad for acclaimed films and a tastemaker in the industry. Founded in 1976, TIFF boasts a rich history of introducing audiences to cinematic gems that went on to captivate global audiences and garner critical acclaim. From heart-wrenching dramas like “Precious” to historical epics like “The King’s Speech” and quirky rom-coms like “Silver Linings Playbook,” the festival has served as a springboard for countless movies that resonated deeply with viewers and left an indelible mark on pop culture.

One original goal of the festival was to showcase Canadian film, and over the decades, TIFF has evolved into a much larger entity, attracting A-list celebrities, world premieres, and a diverse range of international films. Yet, the legacy of its initial dedication to Canadian cinema remains deeply embedded in its core values. Today, the festival continues to showcase a significant selection of Canadian films, celebrating their artistic merit and propelling them onto the global stage, a testament to the unwavering commitment envisioned by its founders.

New York Film Festival

Location: New York City, New York (USA)
General Dates: Labor Day Weekend (first Monday in September) 
Start Date: September 10, 1963
2024 Dates: Friday September 27 – Sunday October 13
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Steeped in history and prestige, the New York Film Festival, held annually at Lincoln Center, stands as a cornerstone of American cinema. Founded in 1963, it is one of the longest-running and most influential film festivals in the country. NYFF focuses on showcasing a curated selection of international films, documentaries, experimental works, and restored classics. It’s meticulously chosen “Main Slate” presents a unique blend of world premieres, critically acclaimed festival darlings, and anticipated studio releases, offering audiences a glimpse into the future of filmmaking while celebrating its rich tapestry.

New York Film Festival extends its influence through a robust non-profit educational arm. The festival organizes insightful conversations and Q&A sessions with filmmakers, allowing audiences to delve deeper into the creative process and gain valuable insights. Additionally, educational programs cater to students and aspiring filmmakers, providing workshops, masterclasses, and mentorship opportunities. These initiatives cultivate a new generation of passionate cinephiles and equip them with the tools and knowledge to navigate the world of cinema.

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