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Background Movie: Grandma’s Boy (2006)

On my notes of things to write today is a listicle on movies with video game nerds. Yeah, hacker movies like Hacker and Wargames popped up first, but then I saw a poster that had that 70s vibe. 

You know what I mean: colored pencil sketches filled with a collage of faces and things? American Graffiti (1973), Life of Brian, and Animal House (1978). Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. School House Rocks. 

Grandma’s Boy has that same 70s energy and you could waste hours looking at every detail. You might call it stoner art. So yeah, the poster for the 2006 movie Grandma’s Boy caught my eye. It says, stupid comedy with guy adolescent humor that you can definitely watch while high or drunk. Ends up it is a stoner comedy, and produced by Adam Sandler’s company Happy Madison.

I’m not high or drunk, but these movies make the best background movies to do dishes or fold laundry with. And there are so many dishes to wash and laundry to wash and fold today. It’s a chore day.

Some scenes aren’t background noise though. Like when the group goes to a crunchy vegan restaurant. They’re seated at the “harmony table,” and they can’t decide what to order — though Jonah Hill thinks the tofu cakes sound tasty.  When they reject suggestions from their waiter Shiloh (David Spade), he spazzes out and tells them to go choke on a hamburger.

I was hoping for a cameo from Sandler, but I didn’t catch one. That’s what happens when you aren’t focused on the movie and just letting it play in the background!

Grandma’s Boy is playing on Hulu now. 

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