The Spring Has Screams Promo at Regal

Have you seen emails about the latest Regal promotion? The theater chain is hoping to lure in horror fans during the spring lag, when there are fewer big production movies being released.

The announcement came out in March 2024, announcing that moviegoers who want to “feel the chill of something sinister” would earn a mix of points and freebies when they saw thrillers and horror movies released between March 20 and May 23.

I didn’t know about the program, actually, until I received an email from Regal saying that 500 points were coming my way. No complaints from me!



so what’s the deal on this promotion? Here’s the info, straight from Regal.

So, if you see one movie, you earn 500 points. The second movie brings in a free drink upsize, which right now for me at my local Regal (a mid-level one), is $0.97, just under a dollar. Regal is giving 1,000 points for the third movie, and a free small drink (current retail value ~$4) on the fourth movie. See a fifth horror/thriller, and you’ll get 1,300 credits. Upon the sixth (and final for this promotion) movie, you get a small popcorn (current retail value ~ $5. The rewards show up relatively quickly in your account, about 1-2 days (or 24-48 hours) after you’ve seen the movie. (If you see the movie on Friday, you won’t likely get points until Monday or Tuesday, based on my experience.)

What I’ve seen:

1. The Beast (Honestly — I’m guessing here! I have no idea!)
2. Tarot
3. Abigail
4. Strangers
5. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire 
6. (not yet!)

I’m up to seeing my fifth scary movie for spring, and if I head down to Orlando this week I’ll get in my 6th. But don’t think I’m going for the free popcorn! And not because thrillers give me, um, thrills. Nope, I’ll be there because I Saw the TV Glow is the latest release from A24, and I reallllly want to see it. Whoopie. 🙂 

Better get going to some thrillers if you haven’t already. This promotion ends May 23 (Thursday, 5/23), and the movies currently playing that fall under this promotion are (at least in my area!) Tarot, Abigail, Strangers, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, and I Saw the TV Glow.

Check out these movies!

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