OMG 2 (2023)

Kanti goes to court to fight for schools to start teaching sex ed after his son is caught committing a “vulgar” act.

Bottoms (2023)

Lonely Hassain Sabzian tells a lie to a stranger that turns into a much larger story about fraud, identity, and playing a role.

Passages (2023)

Tomas and Martin’s marriage is thrown into crisis when Tomas begins a passionate affair with Agathe, a younger woman he meets after completing his latest film.

Afire (2023)

A group of friends in a holiday home by the Baltic Sea where emotions run high as the parched forest around them catches fire.

The Moon (2023)

A strong solar wind causes a Korean spacecraft to malfunction, leaving an astronaut stranded in space.

Aporia (2023)

Sophie has struggled to manage grief, a full-time job, and parenting her devastated daughter since losing her husband. When a former physicist reveals a secret time-bending machine, Sophie will be faced with an impossible decision.

Mob Land (2023)

A local sheriff tries to maintain the peace when desperate family man robs a pill mill with his reckless brother-in-law, and a simple theft turns violent.