13 Movies to Watch While You’re Waiting for Bottoms

While you wait for the summer’s biggest teen satire to play at your neighborhood theater, check out these other great high school movies. Bottoms is a fun-filled satire telling the story of two high school girls who just don’t fit in at all. They start a fight club group that they hope will attract cheerleaders, and then they’ll be able to kiss the school’s hot girls. The club gets popular, and everyone starts throwing punches. 

Get ready to watch what we think is the most hottest, most funnest movie of the summer! The movies on this list have the ’90s high school comedy vibe. Lots of judgemental hot girls, football players who rule the school, and crazy outfits that broke every school dress code. So, have you watched all these movies? 

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She’s All That

Release: 1999 Director: Robert Iscove Writer(s): R. Lee Fleming Jr. Production Co(s): Tapestry Films, FilmColony  Distributor(s): Miramax Films


Release: 1995 Director: Amy Heckerling Writer(s): Amy Heckerling Production Co(s): Paramount Pictures Distributor(s): Paramount Pictures

But I’m a Cheerleader

Release: 2000 Director: Jamie Babbit Writer(s): Brian Wayne Peterson Production Co(s): Ignite Entertainment, The Kushner-Locke Company Distributor(s): Lionsgate Films

John Tucker Must Die

Release: 2006 Director: Betty Thomas Writer(s): Jeff Lowell Production Co(s): Landscape Productions, Dune Entertainment, Major Studio Partners, John US Productions Distributor(s): 20th Century Fox

Remember the Daze

Release: 2007 Director: Jess Manafort Writer(s): Jess Manafort Production Co(s): Persistent Entertainment Distributor(s): First Look International, Freestyle Releasing

Never Been Kissed

Release: 1999 Director: Raja Gosnell Writer(s): Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein Production Co(s): Fox 2000 Pictures, Flower Films, Bushwood Pictures, Never Been Kissed Productions Distributor(s): 20th Century Fox

Stick It

Release: 2006 Director: Jessica Bendinger Writer(s): Jessica Bendinger Production Co(s): Touchstone Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment Distributor(s): Buena Vista Pictures Distribution


Release: 2004 Director: Angela Robinson Writer(s): Angela Robinson Production Co(s): Screen Gems, Destination Films, Anonymous Content Distributor(s): Samuel Goldwyn Films

Legally Blonde

Release: 2001 Director: Robert Luketic Writer(s): Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith Production Co(s): Type A Films, Marc Platt Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer  Distributor(s): MGM Distribution Co.

Night of the Living Dorks

Release: 2004 Language: German Alternate Title: Die Nacht der Lebenden Loser Director: Mathias Dinter Writer(s): Mathias Dinter Production Co(s): Constantin Film Distributor(s): Anchor Bay Entertainment

American Pie

Release: 1999 Director: Paul Weitz Writer(s): Adam Herz Production Co(s): Universal Pictures, Summit Entertainment, Newmarket Capital Group,Zide/Perry Productions Distributor(s): xAdam Herz


Release: 2007 Director: Greg Mottola Writer(s): Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg Production Co(s): Columbia Pictures, The Apatow Company Distributor(s): Sony Pictures Releasing

10 Things I Hate About You

Release: 1999 Director: Gil Junger Writer(s): Karen McCullah, Kirsten Smith Production Co(s): Touchstone Pictures, Mad Chance, Jaret Entertainment Distributor(s): Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

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