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The Beast (2024)

The Story

In the near future where emotions have become a threat, Gabrielle finally decides to purify her DNA in a machine that will plunge her into her past lives and rid her of all strong feelings. She then meets Louis and feels a powerful connection, as if she had always known him. The story unfolds over three distinct periods: 1910, 2014 and 2044. 

The Deets

Runtime: 1h 49m
Genre: science fiction romantic drama
Original Language: English
Original Language Title: La Bête
Release Date (theaters): April 5, 2024 Limited 

Main Cast

Léa Seydoux as Gabrielle
George MacKay as Louis
Guslagie Malanda as Poupée Kelly
Dasha Nekrasova as Dakota
Martin Scali as Georges
Elina Löwensohn as the medium
Marta Hoskins as Gina
Julia Faure as Sophie

Production & Crew

Distributor: Ad Vitam
Production Co: Les Films du Bélier, My New Picture, Sons of Manual, Arte France Cinéma, AMI Paris
Director(s): Bertrand Bonello
Producer(s): Justin Taurand, Bertrand Bonello
Writer(s): Bertrand Bonello (based on The Beast in the Jungle by Henry James)
Cinematography: Josée Deshaies
Music: Bertrand Bonello, Anna Bonello
Editor: Anita Roth
Hair/Makeup Lead(s): Miguel Santos 
Costumes: Pauline Jacquard 

The Trailer

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