The Story

The Roundup: No Way Out continues the story of Police Detective Ma Seok-do as he fights crime in Korea. The bad guys in this movie are hustling a deadly synthetic drug, and the hustlers are more than just simple gangsters. 

The Deets

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Original Language: Korean
Director: Lee Sang-yong
Writer: Kim Min-sung
Release Date (Theaters): Jun 2, 2023 Limited
Box Office (Gross USA): $778.4K
Runtime: 1h 45m
Distributor: Capelight Pictures
Production Co: BA Entertainment, Big Punch Pictures, Hong Film

The Cast

Ma Dong-seok as Ma Seok-do
Lee Joon-hyuk as Joo Seong-cheol
Munetaka Aoki as Riki
Lee Beom-soo as Jang Tae-soo
Kim Min-jae as Kim Man-jae
Lee Ji-hoon as Yang Jong-soo
Jeon Seok-ho as Kim Yang-ho
Ko Kyu-pil as Cho rong-i
Choi Dong-gu as Hwang Dong-goo

The Trailer