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Dine-In Options at Sun-Ray Cinema — Save room for snacks

When a theater has more than just popcorn and soda, I’m excited. When a theater has vegan and vegetarian option, oh my god, I’m over the moon. My first time visiting the theater, I was grateful for the long line to have extra time to review the menu and make my choice. Choosing just one meal was a real struggle!

So far, we’ve had the K-Pop Dog vegan style and The People’s BBQ Tofu Bahn Mi, both with fries. Both were great, but if you’re a tofu fan, the bahn mi is f’ing amazing. It’s a few slabs of marinated and grilled firm tofu served on a great bun with pickled veggies. 

How it works: Hungry guests order and pay for their meals along with tickets at the concessions stand, and then move along to their theater. Food is delivered to your seat, so it’s important to be sitting in your assigned area. Food might be brought to you after the movie starts, in the dark. 

Sun-Ray Cinema in Jacksonville, Florida, has an amazing menu of salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and milkshakes that would make any foodie squeal with glee.

Make sure to double-check all details on the Sun-Ray Cinemas website

Popcorn w/ access to fixins bar

Pizzas (all sooooo interesting! hummus, mushrooms, pulled pork)

Sandwiches (cuban, grilled cheese,bahn mi, chicken, turkey, sloppy joe)

Salads (house, Caesar, Italian antipasto chopped salad

Hot Dawgs (beef or vegan, chili cheese, kimchi, onions and peppers)

Finger Foods (fries, breadsticks, hummus)



Beers on Tap

Specials, like Nuggies & Fries (plant-based nuggets w/dipping sauce), breakfast pizza, herb LT (BLT with herb aioli), pretzel w/ queso/vegan queso/mustard


Bottled and canned adult drinks

The People’s BBQ Tofu Bahn Mi

Beers & Drinks

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