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Background Movie: La Brea TV Series (2021)

Some colophons have more power than others. When the first slash of an A appears on the screen, and then the whole title gets that 3D-ish red/green shimmer, my heart skips a beat and a blast of dopamine hits my brain. All at once, I know this movie is going to be a good one. 

Hi, I’m Jenny and I’m addicted to great indie film. Especially ones from A24.

What started out as, hey, Midsommar is streaming on max has turned into what I’m calling FFS: A24

Over the next few months, and probably the rest of the year, I’m going to be trying to watch as many  A24 movies as I can. I’ll likely be skipping over the horror movies, unless they’re more psychological thriller than slasher. But the higher ups at A24 thought it was worthy of their library, I guess it’s worth a watch.

So, why A24? 

One of the first A24 movies I watched was Obvious Child back in 2014. And then I saw Life after Beth, another early A24 movie. Wow. Like other fans of quirky, off-beat indie fans, I was hooked. Then, The Lobster took me over the edge. Super wow.

That was ten years ago, and A24 has expanded from distributing to also producing great movies. Their backlist has some 150 titles, and more great films are released annually. It’s 2024, and it just seems appropriate to try to catch up on the A24 library this year. Thanks to a deal made between A24 and max/HBO, many new and old A24 films are streaming now on max. 

Join me on this adventure!

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