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Cobweb (2024, Korean)

The Story

Stepping into the spotlight after a successful debut, director Kim finds himself haunted by criticism and yearning to create a masterpiece. In “Cobweb” (2023), a Korean period black comedy-drama, he embarks on a turbulent quest to rewrite the ending of his latest film, “Cobweb,” convinced it holds the key to artistic validation. This pursuit throws him into a web of complications, forcing him to navigate censorship authorities, clash with unsupportive actors, and grapple with his own artistic ego.

Kim’s obsession leads him to demand re-shoots, pushing for a dreamlike, fantastical ending that clashes with the grounded realism of the original. Yet, the censorship board stands as a formidable obstacle, unwilling to approve the altered script’s perceived subversive elements. Meanwhile, the actors struggle to understand his vision, creating friction and questioning his artistic methods. The film delves into the complexities of artistic expression within societal constraints, highlighting the struggles faced by creators navigating censorship and commercial pressures.

Beyond the specific challenges of production, “Cobweb” also subtly critiques the Korean film industry of the 1970s. It reflects on the artistic freedom sacrificed for commercial success and the struggles of auteurs balancing their vision with audience expectations. Through Kim’s relentless pursuit, the film raises questions about the true purpose of art: is it a personal expression or a product catering to external approval? Wrapped in a darkly humorous narrative, “Cobweb” offers a layered commentary on art, censorship, and the creative process, inviting viewers to ponder the sacrifices and compromises made in the pursuit of artistic fulfillment.


The Deets

Runtime: 2h 15m
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Original Language: Korean
Release Date (Theaters): Feb 9, 2024  Limited
Release Date (Streaming): TBD

Main Cast

Song Kang-ho as Kim Ki-yeol
Im Soo-jung as Lee Min-mi
Oh Jung-se as Kang Ho-se
Jeon Yeo-been as Shin Mi-do
Krystal Jung as Han Yu-rim

Production & Crew

Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Production Co: Luz y Sonidos, Anthology studio, Bareunson
Director(s): Kim Jee-woon
Producer(s): Lee Dong-jin
Writer(s): Shin Yeon-shick
Cinematography: Kim Ji-yong
Editor: Yang Jin-mo

The Trailer

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