Maestro (2024)

“Maestro” tells the story of Leonard Bernstein, a rising star conductor grappling with his inner conflicts, and Felicia Montealegre, an aspiring actress.

Miller’s Girl (2024)

Young writer Cairo wrestles with a life-altering creative writing assignment from her enigmatic professor, Mr. Miller.

Mean Girls (2024)

The halls of North Shore High have again become a battleground in this remake of Mean Girls, modernized and musicalized.

Lola (2024)

Burdened by a toxic home environment and the responsibility of caring for her younger brother Arlo, Lola navigates a desperate struggle for survival.

I Love You More (2024)

Fuelled by years of online chats and a deep emotional connection, Ben decides to finally meet Leo, a boy he loves from Germany.

Skin Deep (2024)

Leyla and Tristan, a seemingly perfect young couple, travel to a remote island for a getaway hosted by Leyla’s childhood friend.

Perfect Days (2024)

Hirayama’s day as a toilet cleaner is meticulously structured, yet his life is shrouded in mystery.

Marmalade (2024)

“Marmalade” is a captivating crime-tinged romance that delves into the complexities of human desire and desperation

Cobweb (2024, Korean)

Director Kim embarks on a turbulent quest to rewrite the ending of his latest film, “Cobweb,” convinced it holds the key to artistic validation.