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Dear Regal: Why so Tiny? (An Open Letter)

Dear Regal: 

I’d like to follow up on an open letter I posted back in October, Dear Regal: Why so tiny? You see, I just received yet another email from Regal where I cannot read the details.

Check out this promo image for The Holdovers, coming out later this week. Regal is giving its Crown Club members an extra 500 points if you watch the movie on, well, who can read those dates? When I magnify the image as large as my computer will let me, I see it’s 11/9 through 11/12. 

FFS, why did I have to go this extra step to see the dates? 

Things aren’t all terrible and frustrating, though.

This ad for The Marvels movie, from the same email, displays the details a little better. The image was small in the email, but the dates are written in the text of the email.

The main difference between the two ads seems to be more than just being for different movies — no, it’s likely because one is for the basic Crown Club and the other is for Screen X showings. 

These inconsistencies must reflect the goings on at the Regal main office in Knoxville, Tennessee. I can just imagine the chaos. 

Come on, Regal. Make things easier for your customers.


An Unlimited Subscriber (for now, anyway)

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