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Disco Boy (2024)

The Story

In “Disco Boy” (2024), the shimmering dance floors of Europe serve as a backdrop for a poignant exploration of identity, desperation, and the complex bonds of brotherhood. Aleksei, a young Belarusian, embarks on a perilous journey across the continent, his sights set on joining the French Foreign Legion. Driven by a mix of personal demons and a yearning for a new life, he trades his past for the strict discipline and anonymity of the legion. Meanwhile, in the Niger Delta, Jomo, a guerrilla fighter, wages a different kind of war, fighting for his community’s survival against environmental exploitation. 

As their stories unfold, seemingly worlds apart, the film subtly reveals the interconnectedness of their struggles. Both Aleksei and Jomo navigate challenging circumstances dictated by powerful forces beyond their control. Aleksei finds his individuality stripped away in the regimented legion, his memories a source of both comfort and pain. Jomo fights for his homeland, facing violence and injustice in a seemingly endless cycle. 

Despite their differing realities, both grapple with questions of belonging, purpose, and the sacrifices demanded by their chosen paths. “Disco Boy” transcends geographical boundaries, weaving a nuanced tapestry of human experience. It delves into themes of displacement, the weight of the past, and the resilience of the human spirit, offering a thought-provoking commentary on the global forces shaping individual lives.


The Deets

Rating: R
Concerns: Some Grisly Images, Language, Violence
Runtime: 1h 32m
Genre: Drama
Original Language: French
Release Date (theaters): Feb 2, 2024  Limited
Release Date (Streaming): TBD

Main Cast

Franz Rogowski as Aleksei
Morr Ndiaye as Jomo
Laetitia Ky as Udoka
Leon Lučev as Paul
Matteo Olivetti as Francesco
Robert Więckiewicz as Gavril
Michał Balicki as Mikhail

Production & Crew

Distributor: Big World Pictures
Production Co: Films Grand Huit, Panache Productions, Dugong Films, Donten & Lacroix Films, La Compagnie Cinématographique, Stromboli Films
Director(s): Giacomo Abbruzzese
Producer(s): Lionel Massol, Pauline Seigland
Writer(s): Giacomo Abbruzzese
Cinematography: Hélène Louvart
Music: Vitalic
Editor: Fabrizio Federico, Ariane Boukerche, Giacomo Abbruzzese
Hair/Makeup Lead(s): x (hair), x (makeup)
Costumes: x

The Trailer

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