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Playing This Week: Horizon, Maxxxine, Kill, Blue Lock, Close Encounters, Across the Spider-Verse


  • Horizon
  • Maxxxine
  • Kill
  • Blue Lock The Movie
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Across the Spider-Verse

With all the Fourth of July festivities going on, there aren’t too many indie movies opening this weekend. If you have time to catch a film, maybe try watching one of these!

Watch the drama of America’s frontier days in the three-hour spectacular Horizon: An American Saga, Part 1. It’s gloriously gory with cowboys and indians shootouts and chases, and the music will evoke all the emotions. Seriously: This movie is one to see on the big screen. (Butler, Royal, Celebration)

Hottie Maxine (Maxxxxine) is all grown up and living the adult film star life in 1980s Los Angeles. She gets a starring role in a blockbuster horror film at the same time a serial killer is going after steamy hot LA ladies. Director Ti West outdoes himself in this epic nostalgia horror.

Commandos face off bandits on a train to New Delhi and leave a flood of blood and body parts in the Hindi-language action/thriller Kill. (Royal) 

High school, soccer, a mysterious invitation…find out more when you watch anime movie Blue Lock The Movie. (dubbed and subbed, Royal)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is being reissued with Fathom Events. (July 7 and 10; Butler, Royal, Celebration)

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is back on the big screen as part of Regal’s Summer Movie Experience (SMX24). (July 9 and 10; Royal)

A lot more films will be coming to town next week, starting July 11.

Make sure to double-check all details on the official Regal Cinema website. Details about films at the Hipp can be found on the official Hippodrome site. This list will be updated if more movies we are excited about get scheduled.

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