Could the A24 x IMAX Collab Be the Best Thing Ever for Theaters?

Maybe you saw the listing for A24’s creepy Adam Sandler 2019 thrama (thriller drama — we’re coining the term) Uncut Gems at theaters back on May 22, 2024. Or you saw that Ari Aster’s 2018 horror film Hereditary was back in theaters in April. Well, the fun isn’t stopping anytime soon, thanks to this on-going collaboration between A24 and IMAX.

Monthly Screenings

A24 has announced more events planned for its A24 x IMAX Present, a monthly screening series of films from the A24 library that have been remastered for IMAX. The films are being shown on 300 IMAX screens across the US and at a few international theaters. 

Here’s the 2024 lineup as of now:

A24’s History of IMAX Productions

This collab isn’t new, exactly. Other A24 films in recent years have had limited IMAX showings, like STOP MAKING SENSE, THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH, EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, and BEAU IS AFRAID. What makes this special is that the new series is going to play one A24 film a month and only on a select day at select times. You’re either going to make the effort to see the film or you’ll just have to see it streaming on your teeny-tiny device.

IMAX in North Central Florida

The best of this news is that we have an IMAX theater locally. The Regal Hollywood in Ocala near the Paddock Mall is listed as an IMAX theater. While it doesn’t offer a true 70mm IMAX experience, the theater has a large screen and the sound is elevated to about the same as an RPX setup. Our biggest neg of the Ocala IMAX theater is that it doesn’t have reclining seats. The next best option is to go to Regal Pointe Orlando.

Regal Hollywood – Ocala

OCALA FL 34474

Current Listings on Regal Website

Notes on the IMAX experience

Regal Pointe Orlando – Orlando


Current Listings on Regal Website

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