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Playing This Week: Ghostlight, Thelma, The Bikeriders, The Exorcism, Hukke & More


  • Ghostlight
  • Thelma
  • The Bikeriders
  • The Exorcism
  • Ghost: Rite Here Rite Now
  • I Am: Celine Dion
  • Hukkle
  • Life Riff of Airborne (1993)

Lots of great indie and limited releases showing this week at our Regals! And, we can’t forget about a great foreign film and a fun 90s film at the Hippodrome!

Ghostlight is about a dad who skips out on his daughter’s therapy session to join a theater group. (Butler, Royal)

June Squibb is Thelma, an older lady who got scammed and is determined to get her money back, on her scooter. Funny, heartwarming. (Butler, Royal)

Vroom, vroom. The Bikeriders follows how a motorcycle riding club from the ’60s called The Vandals that went from fun to fury. Told from the perspective of one of the bikers’ wives, the film has heart and an emotional storyline. The Bikeriders is a wide release, but it plays like an indie movie and isn’t getting shown everywhere. (Butler)

In The Exorcism, aging, washed-up actor Anthony Miller (Russell Crowe) takes on the role of a Catholic priest in an Exorcist-like film, but then becomes himself in need of an exorcism. The film-in-film format offers a glimpse into moviemaking. Mature actors, decent script, nice camera work. (Butler, Royal)

GHOST: Rite Here Rite Now — honestly, I’m a little baffled. It’s a recorded concert for the band Ghost, right? I don’t think there’s a story line. Saturday 6/22 only. (Butler)

I Am: Celine Dion is about (you guessed it) Celine Dion and her music. (Butler)

Experimental film Hukkle follows residents of a rural community in Hungary, with hints of a murder. (Hippodrome)


If you haven’t seen Inside Out 2, IF, or Furiosa, they’re still in theaters and worth watching in my opinion. 🙂

Make sure to double-check all details on the official Regal Cinema website. Details about films at the Hipp can be found on the official Hippodrome site. This list will be updated if more movies we are excited about get scheduled.

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