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Scrambled (2024)

The Story

The ever-single Nellie Robinson is the quintessential eternal bridesmaid, surrounded by weddings, baby showers, and the constant “when are you next?” questions. Feeling like time is ticking and dating prospects are bleak, she takes the bold (and slightly outrageous) step of freezing her eggs. This unexpected decision sets Nellie on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and maybe even finding “the one” – who might just be herself. Filled with humor, heart, and the relatable struggles of modern relationships, “Scrambled” cracks open the societal pressure cooker and reminds us that happily ever after can come in unexpected ways, even if it starts with a scrambled plan.


The Deets

Rating: R
Concerns: Some Drug Use|Language Throughout|Sexual Content|Nudity
Runtime: 1h 37m
Genre: Comedy
Original Language: English
Release Date (theaters): Feb 2, 2024  Wide
Release Date (streaming): 

Main Cast

Leah McKendrick as Nellie Robinson
Ego Nwodim as Sheila, Nellie’s friend
Andrew Santino as Jesse, Nellie’s brother
Adam Rodriguez
Laura Cerón as Nellie’s mother
Clancy Brown as Richard, Nellie’s father

Production & Crew

Distributor: Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions
Production Co: Megamix, BondIt Media Capital
Director(s): Leah McKendrick
Producer(s): Gillian Bohrer, Jonathan Levine, Brett Haley, Amanda Mortimer
Writer(s): Leah McKendrick
Cinematography: Julia Swain
Music: Brittany Allen
Editor: Sandra Torres Granovsky
Hair/Makeup Lead(s): Sherry Linder-Gygli (hair), Victoria Down (makeup)
Costumes: Monique Prudhomme

The Trailer

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