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When we got back into watching movies in theaters after Covid, we had a few local  choices. Regal 1, Regal 2, and Regal 3. Which is nice.

Me (Jenny) especially. I had promised to take my nephew to the theater to celebrate his birthday. That turned into three nephews, and grandma. One youngin’ dropped out, but one of the boys invited a family friend. So now we’re at three adults and two kids, and for sure everyone is going to want some drinks and snacks. Do you know how much money this two hour adventure at the theater was going to cost? You might.

And that’s when I noticed the Regal Unlimited program. I snagged that for myself, got enough free points to earn either a ticket or concessions. (We used it for concessions). I figured there were a few other movies playing that I wanted to watch now, and since I had to commit to three months of RU, there were a lot of upcoming movies I definitely wanted to see. Sign me up.

Now I’m hooked. I watch upwards of 30 movies a month, seeing 3 to 5 movies at a time. There are theaters in the extended area that play other unique sets of movies, and I’ll go on daytrips or mini vacations for movies. I’m currently at diamond in the Crown Jewels program, which means every 6 movies I buy I get a free drink. Who else is giving you free drinks?

Do you Regal? We AMC it, too. Get it? A-M-See-it? Ha. Haha. You laughed, right?

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