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Sunday, August 27, 2023

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What Redditers are calling their favorite legal movies with great courtroom scenes, that you’ll want to check out too!

List of sites to stream great indie narrative, documentary, foreign, and short films.

Before movies make it to your local theater, they screen at film festivals. Check out our list of the biggest and best festivals you need to know.

Dust off your yearbooks! Dive into movies that’ll rewind time and make you relive (or cringe at) the glory days of high school.

In 2021, The Criterion Collection released a box set of 7 remastered cinema favorites from director Wong Kar Wai. These movies are now streaming online.

Wide Releases probably still In Theaters 🙂

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All About the Milestones Program

All About the Milestones Program

All the Monday Mystery Movies for 2023

All the Regal Cinemas theaters in the Southeast

For Film’s Sake is NOT affiliated with Regal Cinemas, but it’s our go-to movie theater. We’re Regal Unlimited members and obsessed with our Milestone count. Can we brag that our Crown is full of jewels ’cause we’re Diamond level? ::takes a bow:: The pepsi and popcorn you see us munching in videos was probably free because we used some of the points we racked up from all the extra points Regal gave us for watching movies. I mean seriously, why aren’t you a Regal Unlimited member? Use our referral code!